MyIdentityNames is an app and web service that allows Users to create a profile that includes past and present names, including nick names and other personal information to make it easier for others to search your profile. It also allows for loading of professional or other weblinks so that prospective employers and others can see your past achievements that may relate to the name you were using at the time. We keep your identity whole.
There is no charge for people to use our app.
The most unique aspect of every person is their identity. Identity and names are intertwined. That’s why at MyIdentityNames, you never lose your identity, no matter why or when you change your name.

In Australia, over 80% of women change their name with marriage. Many couples divorce. The need to relate current names with past professional histories is becoming more and more relevant. Never should someone suffer professional disadvantage because of a name change and here your past and current names are linked so that your identity stays intact.

The ability to find friends and relations is amplified, even distant relatives that you may never have been aware of, it’s now all possible through MyIdentityNames.

Privacy and keeping people safe is very important to us at MyIdentityNames. You as the User can determine how much of your profile you wish to complete. Specific questions like your date of birth, telephone number and street address are not included in your profile. Our Privacy Policy is located here https://myidentitynames.com/privacy-policy It is also really important to us at MyIdentityNames that people escaping domestic violence do not unwittingly reveal too much in their profile to the extent that you may be of an increased risk of harm by doing so. Are you experiencing or escaping domestic violence? If so, please read our domestic violence FAQ
Simply type the name of the person you are searching for and include the relationship type, then search. The more detailed the name, the more you will narrow your search results. Please also use Advanced Search to further reduce your search results.
Accounts may be suspended or cancelled for breaching our terms of service. Individual items such as weblinks may also be removed. Terms & Conditions.
You can Report a User for breaches. Please describe the nature of the breach for the Administrator to investigate. Terms & Conditions.
Yes, you can create your account with MyIdentityNames by signing up using your Facebook and Linkedin accounts.
Yes you can add your professional details by inputting the information or by updating your profile from Linkedin.
On your profile, click on add more jobs, then complete and save for each job you are adding.
MyIdentityNames does not provide a direct messaging service between Users. You may make social media accounts available to other Users so that they can contact you via those services. If your email address is not hidden on your profile, other Users can send you an email.
Yes, you can add your social media accounts of Facebook, Twitter and linkedin by linking your profile to these social media platforms. Also, you can add your other social media accounts by adding them in your profile weblinks.
Please edit your profile at any time, in whichever subject area you choose then save by updating.
Simply add to your profile by editing, add weblinks by cut and paste or typing in the web address and then saving by updating your profile.
Yes, simply edit your profile, remove or edit the weblinks and then save by updating your profile.
At MyIdentityNames, you can search for other profiles with matched or partly matched names. Results are provided by ‘closeness’. The more exact matches are provided to you first with other part matches provided next. You can use Advanced Search to refine your searches and find more precise matches.
Yes you can. Simply Report a User and provide information to the Administrator about the nature of the inappropriate content. Terms & Conditions.
You can share your MyIdentityNames profile on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and email. You can also copy a link of your profile to share on any other social media platform. You can also share your share profile by sms with standard sms charges applicable to the User.

Are you experiencing or escaping domestic violence? Please read on. All information on your profile is publically available. The profile questions have been designed so that your precise location and means of contacting you are not available unless you disclose them. If you do not want to be contactable, please do not include any social media contacts and hide your email address. You can hide or disclose your email at any time. Similarly, social media accounts can be added or deleted when you choose

If you do not want your proximity to a location not included in your profile, please do not complete that section of your profile

Domestic violence is a serious affliction affecting individuals, families and societies across the world. We at MyIdentityNames take the issue of domestic violence very seriously and will suspend or cancel any User’s accounts who engage in any behaviours that are offensive, intimidatory or promotes violence against others.

Should you be in urgent need of assistance, please call police or health services immediately. A number of services may be available online, by telephone or in person in your country of origin and we encourage you to make contact with services that can assist you

You can download the app from iTunes (Download myidentitynames ). You can also visit the Myidentitynames website https://myidentitynames.com